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We offer a high recovery rate from drug addiction.

Here at Noupoort Christian Care Centre for drug rehabilitation, we do not follow a conventional model or Twelve-Step drug rehabilitation Program. We believe in a Faith-Based drug rehab program combined with long-term treatment. We also do not believe the term “Once a drug addict, always a drug addict” and so we claim that our model which is based on the Bible and Jesus Christ results in a 76% recovery rate for those who successfully complete our program.

In 2003 we conducted a survey for the intake period between 1998 and 2003.

The survey was done at random from an alphabetic database on the alumni of these years.
The database was divided into 4 groupings of people who had only completed the program.
Each group was allocated a Group Leader.
A questionnaire was designed to obtain all the relevant facts which were to be processed in the survey.
Each team proceeded to contact previous residents in their respective grouping.
In total, 50 respondents were contacted and questioned. After these 50 respondents across the 4 groups were contacted, the survey was compiled in relation to only those 50 respondents.

Over 1,500 Recovered People of All Walks of Life

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