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Most Common type of Drugs Abused today


The most common drugs in use today that we battle with as far as addiction goes are as follows. See what they look like and read more about them: Crystal Meth / Ice / Tik Heroin / Black / Brown Nyaope / Whoonga Crack / Rocks / Candy Cat / Meow / Vitamin Cocaine / Coke / Charlie / Booger-Sugar Cannabis / Dagga / Weed / Zol / Green LSD / Acid / Stamps / Party Paper / Haze Ecstasy / Molly / Pills / Smarties Codeine / Syrup / Sip / Sizurp Prescription Medication / Meds Benzodiazepine / Benzos / [...]

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34 WARNING Signs of Drug Use


Nothing is more destructive to a teen and/or their family than the use of drugs. Consequently the earlier the intervention the better. The problem is that in most cases teens are using drugs for several months or even years before parents become aware of it. Even when parents do become aware of drug use, they often underestimate the extent of their child's involvement. If you are suspicious your child may be using drugs, don't ignore the warning signs. Children seldom grasp the concepts of addiction. Most view themselves as imperious to peril. For some teens, the stress of adolescence and pressure [...]

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2003 Drug Survey Results


When did we do the survey? This survey which was done in 2003 was done at random and respondents covered an intake time period from 1998 to 2003. In 2003 we conducted a survey for the intake period between 1998 and 2003. The survey was done at random from an alphabetic database on the alumni of these years. The database was divided into 4 groupings of people who had only completed the program. Each group was allocated a Group Leader. A questionnaire was designed to obtain all the relevant facts which were to be processed in the survey. Each team proceeded [...]

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