These are drug rehab questions many people ask:

How can I convince my son/daughter/family member/friend to attend drug rehab for recovery?

Do you feel something is wrong, but you cannot put your finger on it? But you feel you need to step in and do something. There are visible signs of something being wrong and you are more than convinced that it is drug related but you cannot prove it.

9 Tips on how to go about speaking to your loved one if you suspect he/she is using drugs :

  1. Don’t just approach the subject head-on. This will cause irritation and denial from the person that you are trying to get to open up.   Addicts are people that more than ever will deny they have a problem and run away if you are going to go in fighting.
  2. Speak without judging or passing blaming
  3. Do not accuse head on
  4. Stick to the fact that you are concerned and would like to offer your help and assistance if he/she accepts.
  5. Give them an example of what you are saying by explaining what it is that is troubling you about them and then once they have opened up to you become supportive and reassuring but be determined.
  6. Always remember deep down inside, they are actually crying out for help but do not know exactly what to do.
  7. Explain that you are wanting to help and would like to arrange for them to attend drug rehab but do not become pushy.
  8. Ensure them that you will be a part of their journey and that they will not have to do it on their own.
  9. Make sure that you are prepared and have the information and share this knowledge with the person and the options that are available to him/her should they accept your offer of help and assistance.

Why do people become addicted to drugs?

A drug addict or someone that needs drug rehab does not become an addict just because!  There is almost always an underlying cause and more often than not a drug addict becomes addicted to drugs because of:

  1. Circumstances
  2. Their home environment
  3. Rejection
  4. Dysfunctional family
  5. Peer pressure
  6. Not feeling worthy
  7. Pain from the passing of a loved one
  8. And the list goes on…..

Deep down, a drug addict is as normal as you and I are.  They long to have a normal life, have real feelings, feel hungry, be able to eat and fall asleep normally.

The time to act is now!