The farm owned and run by NCCC is run under the capable hands of the farm manager. The whole farm is operated and managed like a normal farm.

Under his guidance and leadership, the farm is the very first project after orientation that the male residents will be part of.

As a resident, you spend the 1st 4 – 5 weeks of your program working on the farm and getting used to a routine.

It is vital in the recovery of the residents to spend time doing physical work and also working in an outdoor environment.

Residents can live on the farm after a period of time if they show responsibility and a willingness to recover. It is their responsibility to ensure that all the animals on the farm (pigs, sheep, chickens) are fed and well cared for.

The sheep project is one of the larger projects, which involves taking the sheep out each day to an allocated camp on the farm. They are returned to their shed at noon and are counted daily.

We believe the farm is there to serve two purposes: One is to support the centre with what is necessary to feed the residents and the staff. At the moment fruits like grapes, and peaches, as well as basic vegetables like cabbage, carrots, potatoes and onions, are being grown, we intend to grow a larger variety in due time. In addition, expand to a greenhouse/nursery for seedling flowers/vegetables and kitchen herbs.

The second is for the spiritual upliftment of the residents, giving them time to see God in nature, thereby allowing them to draw closer to Him. At the same time doing physical work strengthens the body and build up self-worth.

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